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Digital Powered Consulting Transformation

ZIMARK CONNECT™ with Seasoned Consulting and Advisory Veterans

Increase operational efficiencies, technology, data, and business processes with solid governance to improve your day-to-day operations and create growth opportunities

Young and dedicated team managed to go beyond expectation

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Allen Hoffman

Zimark Client


Our Capabilities Covers the Following Industry

Predictive Analysis

Anticipate market trends and sales and cost structure changes, and reveal anomalies to mitigate risks and steer your business in the right direction. Our data scientists help you manage the financial, managerial, and operational risks based on pattern and trend recognition.

Natural Language Processing

We help you extract meaning from text data and speed up the reporting and analysis processes.

Text Mining and Contextual Analysis

Monitor the market dynamics, get to know the effectiveness of your marketing and public relation campaign, and understand your target audience and general opinions of your products by analyzing the social media contents and public opinions.

Machine Learning and AI

We use machine learning models to help you tackle business related challenges.

Computer Vision

We extract more insights from visual data, including videos, digital images, and other visual inputs, and detect and classify images according to their features into topic groups to guide the decision-making process. The applicable field includes target audience analysis, CT Scan recognition, emergency response, assisted living, demographics analysis, military systems, and public & workplace safety.

How We Help Clients

We Empower Your Business Through Data Science and Analytics

Pricing and Rates Prediction

We use algorithms and pricing models to find optimal pricing strategies for your products and services while anticipating cyclical changes within the industry based on economic data and market indicators.

Automation and AI-based Integrated Solutions

The best marketing and sales organizations are centered around the customer—and rely on analytics, agile processes, and a test-and-learn culture to create more personalized experiences. We integrated the marketing and sales experience with the product positioning and other tool kits to create a consistent experience for your clients in the digital age.

Marketing and Audience Analysis

Get to know your audience through computer vision, natural language process, OCR, and contextual analysis to better position your product and services, design marketing campaigns, manage associate costs and drive revenue creation.

Risk Mitigation and Fraud Prevention

We use artificial intelligence to recognize potential fraud in marketing budget, systems circumvention, and other compliance and operational risks for platform economies to reduce the long-term costs associated with platform safety and fraud.

Public Relations Insights

Reshape your public relations strategy based on automated monitoring of online public opinions.

We curate and operate a proprietary network of select in-house and independent professionals and veterans from leading global institutions, matching and sourcing such talent to clients on time, materials, and staff augmentation or project basis. We implemented a hybrid working model with both a digital working landscape and traditional engagement pipelines.

  • We only recruit veterans from leading global public and private institutions.

  • Strong governance and high standard on project delivery regardless if they join in-house, work part-time, or on a project basis. Our talents can participate onsite or remotely.

  • Similar standard as leading global institutions with much lower cost driven by the digital working landscape, flat team structure, less inefficiency communication, integrity, sense of self-fulfillment, devotion, and actual know-how.

  • We do not over-leverage on logic and the role it plays in the management consulting process but leverage on real solutions and experience through our knowledge network built by our clients and partners.

  • We work only for solid results and implementation with goals to achieve success with a long-term partnership mindset.

Digital Engagement

Post Request on Zimark connect platform, and we will start engagement there. All files, communication, meetings, and payments will be handled digitally through the platform, and you can chat with our account manager and the professional responsible for your project when needed.

Traditional Engagement

Send us an email, and we will set up meetings and discuss your requirements. Payment can be handled via ACH, and all files and communication will be handled by Zoom, Email, Skype, WeChat, or your desired method of communication.

Some of our Talents are Ex







IBM Institute






Morgan Stanley


Disclaimer and Clarification


The above names indicate prior employment history of our talents, it is a statement of fact. It does not indicate any affiliation, partnership nor any business relationship with above mentioned institutions and firms, nor do they indicate talents are currently employed by above mentioned firms as compliance issue may rise. We are independent and do not receive any endorsement from those firms



Assistant Manager

Accounting & Auditing

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Investment Banking Analyst

Financial Modeling 

Dedicated Talents
  • Highly qualified professionals and veterans from global renowned firms 

  • Dedicated niche in the field of marketing, finance, economics, and data science

  • Only recruit analysts and associates who are ready to do the heavy lifting for you

Robust Project Governance and Monitoring 
  • Seamless communication with the experts during the entire process

  • Entire communication history hosted on cloud

  • Robust Project Governance and Dedicated Support 

  • Release payment when you are satisfied with what you have been offered

  • Projects transacted through the platform are NDA binding

  • No conflict of interests

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Transparent Budget and Efficient Cost Reduction
  • ​​Cost-effective

Avoid lasting costs associated with internal talent share center, full-time middle management, and inefficient hours

  • Control over your spending;

Choose your payment method and experts based on your budget allocation

  • Transparency in pricing;

Payments are directly paid to the professional after we deduct service fees, you know precisely the breakdown​

  • We are fully digital

We operate in a small dedicated team, which means low service fees and dedicated support compared to other talent platforms

Zimark Connect
Freelancing Site
Gig Economy
Traditional Hiring
Payment Schedule
Flexible Time Frame
Fixed or Hourly
China & Japan Friendly
Termination Cost
3 to 6 month package
Minimal Management Cost
Seasoned Professionals
Talent Pre-Screening Interview
Hiring Time Frame
0 to 3 Week
Limited Seasoned Professionals
No Seasoned Professionals
1 to 6 months

Connect & Get to Know Our Cases and Practice

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Transaction Advisory
Management Consulting
Economic and Equity Research
Data Science and Analytics
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