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Hire Professionals on an Ad-hoc Basis

ZIMARK CONNECT™ with Seasoned Consulting and Advisory Veterans

Accounting & Auditing | Independent Equity Research | Out Source Financial Modeling | Data Analytics | Economic Research | Marketing Planning and Industry Research

Young and dedicated team managed to go beyond expectation

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Allen Hoffman

Zimark Client


Our Capabilities Covers the Following Industry

Consumer Products & Specialty Retails


Transportation and Aviation Logistics


Flyover Bridges

Public Sector

Construction Site

Real Estate

How We Help Clients

We work with you shoulder by shoulder to empower the sustainable growth

Management Consulting

We work with you to increase operational efficiencies, technology, data, and business processes with solid governance and technology transformation to improve your day-to-day operations and create growth opportunities

Data Science and Analytics

Predict revenue and cost dynamics, empowering Your Business with Data Science and AI Technology

Commercial and Vendor Due Diligence

We apply rigorous independent analysis to assets destined for sale from the perspective of the buyer. Zimark's vendor due diligence consulting services helps companies minimize risks, speed the sales process, and maximize value creation.

Economic Research

Our economic research provides a solid conceptual and empirical basis to guide policy, organization, and investment decision-making processes.

Technology and Automation

We connect with the leading experts in Engineering to help you automate your business through digitization, robotic automation and IoTs.

Manuscript and Publishing

A substantive evaluation of your manuscript and quality of the content in terms of expertise and technicalities. Detailed comments and explanation on the prioritized technical issue of your manuscript, and how to improve it with the aim to maximize the chance of publication

Equity Research

We support your or your client's investment decisions by providing independent and exclusive research that can be branded or co-branded with your institution. We focus on small-cap and middle-cap firms orphaned by major banks, institutions, and research.

Transaction Advisory

We serve as a vendor to assist you through the selling or buying process of the transaction and offer you independent and non-biased opinions on the worth of the company by creating a compelling story based on the market dynamics, transaction landscape, and synergies of the transactions to support successful mergers and acquisitions.

We curate and operate a proprietary network of select in-house and independent professionals and veterans from leading global institutions, matching and sourcing such talent to clients on time, materials, and staff augmentation or project basis. We implemented a hybrid working model with both a digital working landscape and traditional engagement pipelines.

  • We only recruit veterans from leading global public and private institutions.