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We are eager to build long-lasting relationships with the academic community to spread quality ideas and create an eco-system for open academic discussion free of external nudging. We greatly appreciate your kind support and continued devotion.


​Zhiyu Wang

Founder of Zimark

Share and Promote Your Research
  • Promote your research via our open-access repository and reach our subscribers without any additional cost.

  • Earn passive income when your research reaches a certain requirement and traffic threshold.

Participate in Magazine Issue and Become an PT Editor
  • Write and Publish Your Opinions and View + Analysis on our Platform

  • Share Your memorandum and Digest on the latest research trends,  topics, and researches

  • Get Reimbursed for your time and devotion.

Participate in Peer Review
  • Become a peer reviewer and participate in the research evaluation

  • Get reimbursed for quality peer reviews and opinions and comments offered for the research 

Would require previous experience as a peer reviewer and has published high-impact journals in relevant fields. Affiliation with existing research institute and university is highly prefered.

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