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Submit Your Research

Articles are published rapidly as soon as they are accepted, after passing a series of prepublication checks to assess originality, readability, author eligibility, and compliance with zimark's policies and ethical guidelines. Peer review by invited experts takes place openly after publication. An article remains published regardless of the reviewers’ reports. Articles that pass peer review are indexed in Scopus, PubMed, Google Scholar and other bibliographic databases.

Authors are encouraged to respond openly to the peer review reports, which are published with the article, and can publish revised versions of their article at no further cost, if they wish. Read more about zimark's peer review model.

See the Article Guidelines for information about submitting different article types. Track your submissions via My Research.

Before you submit an article, please ensure that:

  1. The work is original. The manuscript (or substantial parts of it) must not have been published previously, or be under consideration or review by another journal. Manuscripts that were previously posted on a preprint server such as ArXiv or BioRxiv are welcome.

  2. The article formatting should follow the Zimark guidelines and template. The Overleaf version can be downloaded here. A PDF version is made available by the following link.

  3. At least one author is a qualified researcher (according to Zimark’s authorship criteria) and has made a key contribution to the article.

  4. The reported study meets all applicable research and publication standards. We strongly recommend that you consult our editorial policies for more detail on reporting guidelines and ethical requirements.

  5. All methodological details and relevant data are made available to allow others to replicate the study, and that the manuscript adheres to appropriate reporting guidelines and community standards. For more detail, please see our policies and Data preparation guidelines.

  6. All authors have understood Zimark's policies for article publication and its author-led publishing model, which requires authors to actively suggest suitable peer reviewers for their article until at least 2 reports have been received.

  7. Your manuscript includes full author and affiliation information, and a conflict of interest statement.

  8. You agree to pay any processing charges applicable to this submission. Following submission, we will ask you for the name and email address of the payer, the name of their institution and the country in which they are based. If based in an EU member country, we will also require a VAT registration number.

Block Chain and NFT

In addition to being indexed by traditional academic indexes such as Scopus, PubMed, and Google Scholars, the content will be indexed on our blockchain using NFT. Corresponding repository and token generated will be available to you once the content is publicated.

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