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2023 April 19th EST Memorandum


Nothing contained in the following content constitutes an offer, solicitation, or recommendation regarding any investment management product or service, or the offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any security; The following content is purely for information only and is based on information available at the time it was created. It does not take your financial situation or goals into consideration, and may not be suited for you.

Thoughts on MT Position Allocation

The downward pivot has been confirmed. QQQ/E_mini resumes the downward momentum after a brief realignment with the other two indexes. The momentum for all indexes starts to pivot. The floor added SPX short positions expired within 2 days with an option premium in the billion range on (4/19).

Short Position allocation to three indexes:

Seeking target 312/300 for QQQ and 12937/12524 for E_mini around Mid - May (May 1st /May 11th)

Seeking target 33708/33134 for YM

Seeking target 4106/3989 for ES


If can reach the target and the precise running time could change dynamically based on the evolving data intake.

Though 4/19 marks the inception of the new trend, the trend may cancel as new data comes in.

As we approach the 21st, the market can become volatile as the April option expires.

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